Buddham Sharnam Gachchami !

Buddhist Tales

Animated Audio Stories
The Swans
A long time back there lived a big family of swans in Lake Manasa......more >>
Duration: 4 Minutes and 8 Seconds
The Golden Swan
The Buddha, in one of his earlier lives, used to stay in the town of Varanasi in ancient India. He had a family of a wife and three.... more >>
Duration: 4 Minutes and 5 Seconds

The Chaddanta Elephant
A long, long time ago, in one of his earlier births, Lord Buddha was born as the king of Chaddanta elephants. Do you.......more >>
Duration: 3 Minutes and 50 Seconds

The Two Deer
A long time ago there lived a deer in a forest next to the Magadha empire. The deer was the leader of a big .....more >>
Duration: 2 Minutes and 45 Seconds

The Buffalo and Monkey
Once, Lord Buddha was born in the form of a buffalo in Himava, an old forest in ancient India. He was kind-hearted and never troubled anyone...more >>
Duration: 2 Minutes and 20 Seconds



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The Silva Elephant
A long time ago Buddha was born as an elephant named Silava in the forest of the great Himalayas ...more >>
Duration: 4 Minutes and 15 Seconds

The King Monkey
The King of these monkeys was the Buddha in one of his earlier birth. He safe his friends livies from King.....more >>
Duration: 3 Minutes and 6 Seconds

The Wise Monkey and Water Demon
Lord Buddha and his followers lived in a dance Jungle as monkeys in one of their earlier births . They would sit .....more >>
Duration: 2 Minutes and 47 Seconds

The Hare on the Moon
Lord Buddha was staying in Savatthi, an old town in India. He always told his followers , the Buddhists, to do charity.....more >>
Duration: 3 Minutes and 20 Seconds

The Golden Deer
A beautiful deer that had a golden body lived in a dense forest. He was special as he could talk like humans.....more >>
Duration: 4 Minutes and 10 Seconds
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